Monday, June 30, 2014

Affirmations for Finding True Joy~

Happy Monday, friends! 

I took some time today to look over these blog pages because I'm thinking about revamping some things as I finish up my nutrition certification. As I read over my previous posts, I reflected on how far I've come over the past year and realize just how thankful I am for my progress. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, and sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back, but the *not giving up* is the gold! 

I decided to slightly edit and re-share these insights with you because I know how valuable they were/are for me, and I hope they can shed some light for you as well... 

~ All of whatever lacks in my own experience of life and love is within me. It can't be found outside of myself. It can't be filled with someone else's presence or inanimate objects.

~ I must always seek and find ways to love myself. It is then that I remain fulfilled. In loving myself, I can then be loved.

~ Perspective is a jewel. Sometimes taking a step away from a situation, as well as spending time alone, is the key to seeing the answers we need.

~ Life is happening and passing. Now... And now... The extent to which I pay attention to the experience is up to me.

~ Being too busy and filling my time with overcompensations will always dull my joy. I can be fulfilled in any moment, if I choose.

~ I am perfect just the way I am. Really. (and so are YOU!) :)

Wherever you are in your journey - whether it be health related or anything else - remember that the inner journey is the one with the highest payoff. You can't be healed or fixed with external measures. You must first go within.

Yours in health and always love,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

And they call this FOOD?

Ok well, I think I've made my point and I can finally throw this in the trash where it belongs! 

I've seen a lot of posts on this same exact experiment over the years, but I really wanted to see for myself if it was real. So, I bought this hamburger from McD's in March 2013 to run my own test. All I bought was a plain hamburger on a bun. I sat it next to an orange because I knew the orange would last a long time before it actually rotted. I sat it on an open pie dish in my garage and let it be. 

March 3rd, 2013

It sat and sat and sat... as time passed people poked and prodded with curiosity... through spring... summer... winter... all the temperature changes and the high heat that happens in most people's garage...

I threw the orange away months after this because it was attracting gnats, but forgot to pay attention to how long ago that was. At any rate, you'll get the point...

June 18, 2014 - one year and three months later

The only thing that slightly changed was the size. The top bun didn't make it through the poking, prodding and banging around because people and kids were so curious. Otherwise, I assure you nothing was preserved or tampered with. It reminds me of the fake food toys my daughter used to have in her play kitchen. 

And they call this FOOD? Not in my book!

Yours in health,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kale Soup!

Holy kale! It has been a long time since I've posted any recipes for you all, so I hope this is a great ice breaker for the posts that are to come! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

1 large head of kale, washed and ripped into pieces
1/2 head chopped green cabbage
5-8 sliced celery sticks
1 quart organic vegetable broth
1.5 quarts filtered water
Juice of 1 lemon
3-4 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tbsp soy or teriyaki sauce
Fresh herbs from my garden (use yours of choice): chives, rosemary, basil & oregano
3-7 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp red pepper paste
Ginger powder
Salt & pepper to taste

Saute celery, garlic & herbs in coconut oil.
Add the remaining ingredients. Kale may need to cook down, but everything should eventually be submerged in broth.
Once everything is submerged, simmer on medium-high for about 30-60 minutes, or until the veggies are to desired softness.

Serve with rice, quinoa or by itself.

ENJOY!! :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's all about the LOVE!

You haven't heard much from me for quite some time. I've been dealing with some pretty big life stuff, and  I've been taking special care of me. This has been one of my biggest lessons lately - making ME a priority - and it's absolutely crucial for all of us.

I'm still getting over 2013... What a crazy, soul-searching, heart-wrenching, mind-wracking year. I'm ready to take the power of 2014 into my own hands. One of the things I've recently realized is that over the past year or so, I have been my own worst, self-destructive enemy. As much as I've wanted more for myself and as hard as I've worked to try to get it, I've spent a lot of time beating myself up and spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. There was a point in the year where I learned the true meaning of "working harder, not smarter." I was literally running myself into the ground to try to prove that I was going to be somebody and that I was someone who was lovable. I was fatiguing every sense of myself, from physical (adrenals), to mental (inability to get anything accomplished), emotional (imbalanced moods), and spiritual (sense of loss in life and the world). This was a downward spiral that led to my emotional breakdown and certainly played a huge roll in many relationship issues, among many other things. Ultimately, I had to just start dropping all of the excess in my life and inadvertently things started falling away. Even things that I didn't want to lose were lost. But through all of the interpreted "failures" and "losses" (which are all just based on perspective anyway), I have gained a whole new sense of myself. A world where *I* matter and a world where the connections with the people in my life are increasingly rich. My path is being led in a way I've never experienced, and I'm learning to trust the process and the journey like never before.

While I know that there's still work to do, I'm now in the space of actually acknowledging the ground that has been tread. I'm a survivor and I will continue to be. This year is about continuing to expand on the message of self-love. I will continue to explore what my inner self desires and live my life from there. There's nowhere to go, nothing to do, nobody to try to be. I have everything I need inside of me now, and it all stems from love… for me, for you

So, I leave you with this for now… 

Just for today, do ONE thing for yourself that you wouldn't normally do. Take a walk, take a nap, dance around your living room to your favorite song, call a friend just to say hello, write a love letter to someone… you get the gist. Then do it again tomorrow. And again the next day. It doesn't take long. Just do it and see what starts to open up for you. Let me know how it goes! 

Yours in health and happiness,

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! A Turkey Story :)

Our 12 year old son, Andy brought home this turkey story from school last week and I just had to share it with you all. May it bring you a little Thanksgiving chuckle, or a gobble!! ;)
Thank you for your continued love & support!! Happiness, love and light to you and yours this Thanksgiving! ~Mimi~
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Andy’s Turkey Story
(From the point of view of a turkey)

It all started when I was strolling around the boring, deserted turkey coop on a cold evening. All of the sudden, I though I heard something behind me. It was terrible, it sounded like a dog scratching its insides out. I started questioning myself, “Could it be the human?” and, “Is it that time of year again?” 

When all the turkeys started scrambling like crazy and I knew why… 

We could smell it.. 


It reminded me of my Uncle Jimmy. He was the chosen one last year. I shouted, “Everyone stop scurrying! This has to happen every year and I’ll tell you one thing is that we can’t stop it and being like this isn’t gonna help!” 

Its dark outside now so I’m sure it will be a quick and easy death for whoever is the chosen one this year. I thought to myself again, “What if I’m the chosen one?” Then like the others, I started scurrying around like a freak for a minute then I stopped myself and right then, the coop opened and a human-like figure was standing right there. I heard at least 3 knife slashes and a horrifying scream after each one.
The next day we counted 3 less turkeys… It was a hard morning for all of us losing our family and friends. I decided to take action. Tonight when the human comes to feed us, I’ll sneak out and into their house, and then I’ll chase all the humans and peck them until they cant move. Then I’ll grab the same knife our 3 friends were killed with and see how the humans like it…

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taking a New View~

I'm writing to you on a rainy morning in Portland. This is my last of 5 days away from home - my first time taking a trip of leisure - alone. It has been more a time of reflection.

This trip has been an incredible piece of my own journey of healing and I'm sure I will have many more realizations over the days to come. I have seen new places and met new faces.. seen how small my world has been. And I got to be a roadie with Moody Little Sister, who just happens to be my cousin! Such a beautiful trip from Portland to Washington and then back down the 101. Mother Nature can speak straight to your desires, if only you're listening.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of my own internal journey and yet I believe this is where life and living begins... 

~ All of what has been lacking in my own experience of life and love is within me. It can't be found outside of myself. It can't be filled with someone else's presence.
~ I have to seek and find ways to love myself. It is then that I become fulfilled. In loving myself, I can then be loved.
~ Perspective is a jewel. Sometimes taking a step away from a situation, as well as spending time alone, is the key to seeing the answers we need.
~ Life is happening and passing. Whether I pay attention to the experience or not is up to me.
~ Being too busy and filling my time with overcompensations is dulling my joy. I can be fulfilled in any moment, if I choose.
~ I am perfect just the way I am. Really.

These all sound like great quotes (and let's face it, I do love quotes), but these are actual truths that I have come to find within myself that I am committing to live by.. Being on a  journey with your Self gives the time and space for miracles to occur. For that, I'm grateful.

Many thanks for your continued love and support.

Love and light to you all~

Mimi Marie

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Want a Paleogasm?! Winners announced!!!




Thanks so much for playing and for all of your support!! I hope Paleogasm brings you a new and exciting healthy eating adventure!! xoxo


If you've been keeping up, you know that our family has been on a Paleo journey for the past few months. Much of what we have learned and done has been thanks to my friend, Camille from The School of Inner Beauty and Paleo, Love & Transformation. She wrote this beautifully delicious Paleo cookbook and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to give one of the e-books away to a lucky new subscriber to my newsletter. Just sign up on the left of this page and you'll be entered!!

Last day to enter is October 22nd... Winner will be announced on October 23rd!!!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gluten, Grains & Sugar... Oh My!!!

A couple of months ago I shared with you all that the Pachecos were going Paleo because of some issues that we'd been having with my son and that he was diagnosed with epilepsy. As a mom who had been mostly vegetarian for the past 12+ years, I really resisted the whole idea of a diet where you ate bacon all the time. How could THAT be healthy?! I was definitely in the trap of all of the misconceptions about being Paleo and didn't want anything to do with it. I also think that when you give anything a name that people can monopolize from, you have to be cautious and do lots of your own research.

There is definitely a Paleo craze out there right now, and I don't know enough to say that it is for everyone. One thing I don't believe is that everyone should prescribe to the same diet, the same fitness program, or the same anything. We are all different bodies with different compositions and different genetics. I believe that different things work for different people at different times/stages in life, and it's up to each of us to figure out what that is.

That being said, I will say that I'm not a perfect Paleo (or anything for that matter), but I have learned a LOT from this journey, in school, and I know that my entire family's health has improved because of it. I believe the most important principle that WE ALL need to follow is to JUST EAT REAL FOOD. And I believe there are some simple universal truths to follow when it comes to food today:

  • Moderation is key
  • Fast food has an extra 's' in it
  • Processed 'foods' are not food 
  • Organic is best
  • GMO's are bad 
  • Hormones, additives, preservatives & artificial sweeteners are poison
  • Refined sugars and carbs should be avoided
  • Certain foods (sugar, gluten, corn, soy, to name a few) cause inflammation in the body which in turns leads to disease
I'm sure there are others, but this covers a wide spectrum. Inside of those guidelines then, the question now arises around grains and gluten. Is this another trend? I don't know, but I've been learning a LOT about it all and I'm certainly convinced that in our food supply there are nearly no grains or gluten that is straight from a healthy, nutrient dense source of soil. And they definitely aren't ending up on our plate straight from the ground. Can you imagine how many hands and machines these foods go through to get our kitchen these days? Yuck.

Some of the obvious improvements that I've experienced by making these changes are:
  • No more bloating
  • Improved memory
  • More energy
  • Better digestion
  • Less acne, clearer skin
So, my purpose for writing this post is to encourage you to educate yourself around what you're putting in your body (and your family's) and to take the necessary steps to discover what foods you should and shouldn't be eating. 

Here are some ways you can begin the process. These are some of my favorite resources, but I know there are a plethora of them out there. Do the work! :)

  • Become your own health advocate! Learn about Paleo, Whole foods diet, vegetarianism, veganism, juicing, etc.
  • Get in tune with your body and do an elimination diet.
  • Get tested for food sensitivities (ask your doctor).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The School of Inner Beauty

Have you ever had any of these thoughts? (I know I have...)

  • I wish I could love what I see in the mirror every day, regardless of my weight or outer "flaws."
  • I wish I could feel beautiful, and even sexy!
  • I wish I really loved myself.
  • I wish I could feel comfortable, radiant and free everywhere I go and with everyone I meet.
  • I wish I could stop judging myself.
  • I wish I could be healthy without beating myself up if I make a mistake.

I'm so thrilled and honored to be participating and assisting in the launch of this amazing program with my great friend, Camille from Paleo LivingWe're working together to expand our entrepreneurial lives and unleashing our inner goddesses!! Rawr!! ;) 

This program is unlike anything I've ever seen! You will be supported and coached by 15 amazing leaders in the world of health and womanhood to create a life of self-love where anything is possible. Unleash your inner beauty!! There are a few select spots left and the program starts on 9/30, so if you think one of those spots might be for you, check it out and apply

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life Can Change in an Instant...

Geez. Life can sure turn in an instant! The last month has been a whirlwind with plenty of challenges. But the biggest by far happened last Thursday. Our little man (the one we went Paleo for a couple of months ago) began having full blown seizures and has officially been diagnosed with epilepsy. Even though this hasn't been the first of our scares with Eddie, this may be the toughest one to swallow. Thankfully, he turned a corner and is feeling a lot better now. I feel like I can breathe again. But I hate that he has to be on medication and when I think of leaving him somewhere I get a pit in my stomach. There is just so much that's unknown about the disease, the brain, or even WHY the medicine works. On one hand, I know everything is going to be okay because I know that he has the best parents/family/friends/doctors to do all of the right things for him. On the other hand, I'm terrified. This is all a realm that we've never been before and the unknown can be very scary. On the other hand (what? you didn't know I had 3 hands?) I believe that everything happens for a reason and I have to find solace knowing that this is only a stepping stone. 

We came home from the hospital on Friday and it felt like we had been thrown naked into the ocean without a life vest, raft, or anything... What now?! Among the routine doctor visits, medications, neurological testing, etc., what could we do to give our son the best possible chances for a healthy, happy, normal life - as naturally as possible. Obviously at this point we feel trapped in having to keep the seizures at bay and have him on medication, but the hope is that he will grow out of needing that and we can naturally support that process. You know where I'm going with this, don't you..? 

FOOD. Since having gone Paleo a couple of months ago, we all saw a marked improvement in Eddie's day to day life. His memory improved and the issues that were already at hand seemed to be lessening. But now it's time to take our Paleo lifestyle to the next level. Under our doctors care and lots of research, we are currently transitioning into a ketogenic diet which has shown to be effective for people with seizure disorders. This won't be a hard transition since we were already Paleo about 80% of the time (but definitely have to raise that ratio), but there's still a lot to learn. 

I know that food is the key to all avenues of health and I know that different things work for different people. I'm wondering, have you experienced your own success in the arena of your health because of a changed diet? What was your condition and what did you do? What was your transformation?

Also, do you or someone you know/love have epilepsy? How do you support that condition with a healthy lifestyle and where do you get support? 

One thing that I've really taken to heart with all of this is that I don't want to do this alone. On that note, I'd love to hear from you. Also, please send your love, light and good vibes to our precious son. 

Comment below, OR: